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TLPCA Counseling and Therapy Summit

Saturday Session Titles

Adolescent Homicidal Threat Assessment: Findings of a Newly Developed Instrument
Robert Moore

Applications of Role-Playing Games (RPGs) in Therapy
Vanessa Davis
Anslie Ruckman

Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Supervision: Legal and Ethical Considerations
Peter Wilson
Susan Lahey

Bark! — The Kink & Culture of Human Puppy Play
Ray White

Child-Centered Play Therapy: Evidenced-Based Counseling for Young Children
Kasie Lee
Damian McClintock

Clinical Treatment for Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence
Julie Wakeman
Kimery Cockrell

Counseling Cops – Understanding Law Enforcement Culture, Occupational Stressors, and Best Practices for Clinicians
Amanda Dooley
Greg Lee

Creative Approaches for Addressing Counselor Wellness in Supervision
Kasie Lee
Claire Gardner
Megan Barbee

Distance Counseling: Information, Demonstration, and Discussion
Ye (Agnes) Luo
Jonathan Wiley
Katherine Hermann-Turner
Dessie Avila

Donor Conceived Trauma: Learning about Donor Conceived People and Therapeutic Considerations
Alissa Beuerlein

Empathy in First Responders
Roxanne Miller

Ethics: Challenges with Facilitating Psychological Hardiness with Clinicians during the Supervision process.
Aprile Whitfield

Facilitating a Healthy Relationships Group for College Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Myia Makupson
LeAnn Wills

Grief and Suicidal Ideation: Finding Meaning in a New Assumptive World
Ellen Crossman
Dessie Avila

Grief: Differences between prolonged grief disorder and uncomplicated bereavement disorder
Debra Fitzgerald

Healthy Spirituality Does Not Enable Avoidance: Approaches for Dealing with Spiritual Bypass in Counseling
Sabrina Evans
Gregory Bohner

Integrating caregivers into adolescent therapy: Practical applications for counselors
Amanda Grieme Bradley

Legislative Update
Janie Wilkerson
Heather Mechell

Legi-SLAY-tion: Supporting Transgender and Gender Expansive Communities in Counseling
Mickey White
Carter Cook

Licensure Q&A
Kim Speakman
Candyce Wilson

Looking to the Future: Helping Graduate Students and Emerging Professionals Develop Identity and Purpose on their Professional Journey
Jeremy Northrop
J.T. Northrop

Re-thinking Marginalization- Applying the Psychology of Working Framework to Appalachia
Megan Herscher
Meredith Darling
Anne McKay

Mental Health and Movement: A Review and Application for Counselors
Natae Feenstra

The Ethics of Practicing What We Preach: Maintaining Balance and Realistic Well-Being as Counselors
K.J. Thompson
Aly Barnette

Professional gatekeeping in post master’s supervision relationships: What role do supervisors play in supervisees’ setting session fees, ethical social media practices, and appropriate advertising?
Jonathon Roy
Sara Hopkins

Reducing Barriers to Supervisee Disclosure
Patricia Stewart-Hopkins

Repairing the Sexless Relationship
Michael Christian
Rachel Christian Gulley
Chelsea Alexander
Emily Kucera
Denny Mihalek

Replenishing Drum Circle for Providers
Vanessa Davis

Responding to a Substance Induced Crisis
Robert Pedroza

Rural Clinical Supervision: Best Practices for a Changing Professional Landscape
Jonathan Wiley
Ye (Agnes) Luo
Dessie Avila
Corrin Brown

Self-Regulation in Therapeutic Work: Connecting with the Nervous System as a Regulation Resource for Clients
Anna C. Seiple

Shared Symptoms, Unique Challenges: Approaching and Integrating Treatment for OCD and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Rachel Hammons
Catherine Cavin

“Soul”-Care: Implications and Practices for BIPOC and LGBTQAI+ Clinicians
PaQuita Pullen
Ashley Hampton

Solution-Focused Counseling Practices as a Protector Against Burnout
Andy Melton

Supervision: The Final Frontier
Mark Loftis
Paige Seymour
Regina Beach
Lara Strate

Suicide Assessment and Intervention: Ethical Considerations and Practical Recommendations
Ashley Davis

Supporting Asian American Clients: Culturally Sensitive Strategies for Counselors
Marisa White
Kara Nesbitt
John David Manier

Taking Care of our Military Veteran Clients: Recent Findings and Practical Application from ACEs Research
Daniel Kinjorski
Jacob Elliott
Roxy Elliott
Marcy Steffy

Teaming for Safe, Quality Care: Mindful Organizing in Supervision
Tiffany Lindsey

The Gender Divide in ADHD
Derrick Shepard
Amanda Gienow
Taelar Bybee

The Intersection of Motherhood and Substance Use Disorder: A Therapeutic Approach
Savak Millis

The Mastermind Effect: Building a Powerful Network for Therapists to Achieve Goals and Practice Self-Care
Anthony Witt

The Revolutionary Role of Equine Therapy: Horses as Partners in Healing
Alicia Stewart
Alyssa Royce
Allison Yeager

Trauma-Informed Care Approaches to Working with Latinx/Hispanic Clients
Aleyda Sanchez
Hannah Feliciano
Adrianne Mckeon
Bianca Younan

Understanding Eating Disorder Behaviors through a Polyvagal Lens
Rachel Sellers

Using music as a catalyst to engage people into evidence based care
Ian Jackson

Working with Parents of Child and Teen Clients: A Partnering Approach
Dayna Sykes