2020 TLPCA Counseling and Therapy Summit (Virtual)


I have not received the GoToWebinar links.

You must register on GoToWebinar in order to receive the links to your sessions. After you register for the Summit, you can access the GoToWebinar registration links by going to your Subscriptions and clicking on each session. After you register for each session on GoToWebinar, you’ll receive emails directly from GoToWebinar with the links that you’ll use for your live sessions.

I think I'm a member, but I cannot access the TLPCA Member registration.

Most likely, your membership has expired. You should be able to see your membership subscription and it’s expiration date under Subscriptions in your account. You can renew your membership by signing up for your membership type. If you can’t log in at all, it’s also possible that you’re using a different email address to log in. If you continue having issues, please contact us, and we’ll help you figure out what’s going on.

I can't see either the TLPCA Member or Guest Member registration forms, but I also can't register using the Non-Member form because it says my email is already in use.

Please contact us, and we’ll look up your email address to see what’s going on with your account.