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Legislative Information

by | Jan 1, 2017

Become an Advocate for Your Profession –

Becoming advocates for our profession and for our clients is a crucial part of the professional responsibility of the Licensed Professional Counselor. However, many of us are unsure how to take steps to advocate for our needs. Here are some tips that may help!

  1. Know who your federal, state and local representatives are.

To find your U.S. senators and representative:
a) Go to
b) Follow instructions to find your senator and representative

To find your state senator and representative:
a) Senator: Click on
b) Representative: Click on

2. Follow the TLPCA listserv for information on action steps that will help the legislative agenda of our profession.

3. When asked to make calls or write letters, make every effort to do so. It does make a difference.

4. Information regarding major federal issues will be part of an action plan from AMHCA and ACA.

5. Information regarding issues at the state level will come from TLPCA on the listserv.

Working together will create change; doing nothing will result in nothing! Be ready to take action when you are called on to do so.