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Legislative Update: 2/4/2019

TLPCA Members - There hasn’t been much going on at the Capitol following Session convening and the Inauguration with the very important exception of the election of legislative leaders and committee assignments. Here are the legislative leaders for the 111th General...

Weekly Legislative Report- February 1, 2019

TLPCA Members - Below are current bills being tracked.SB53/HB496 -- PROFESSIONS & LICENSURE: Mental and Medical Health Providers get waiver while working on Innovative Readiness Training programs in TN. Sponsors: Sen. Kelsey, Brian , Rep. Hurt, Chris Senate...

Legislative Update: 2/19/2018

TLPCA Members, don’t miss out on the upcoming event that’s open to anyone who wants to advocate for mental health in TN! If you’ve ever wanted your voice to be heard with law makers, this is your chance.

Straight Talk

Behavioral Health Day on the Hill! This is hosted by the TN Coalition for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. Registration begins at 8:30am, the program begins at 9:30am, and the event concludes at 12:45pm.

Legislative Update: 1/31/17

After a season of collecting additional information, the TLPCA Board Officers are in opposition of SB0001. The reasons for the opposition to the proposed legislation are as follows: It singles out professional counselors in a discriminatory manner from other...

Legislative Information

Become an Advocate for Your Profession - Becoming advocates for our profession and for our clients is a crucial part of the professional responsibility of the Licensed Professional Counselor. However, many of us are unsure how to take steps to advocate for our needs....