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Information for

Graduate Students

As a grad student, what can TLPCA do for me?

  • Networking- Expand your connections for a better internship or a future job. When you join TLPCA, you are a member of Tennessee’s fastest growing group of professional counselors. With opportunities to meet other members, network with other professionals and connect with Tennessee agencies, your networking circle will definitely feel the benefit!
  • Getting a head start on continuing education. TLPCA offers different educational, general and lunch-and-learn meetings and conferences throughout the year. These meetings usually feature a highly trained and educated speaker from the counseling field.
  • The TLPCA annual conference. Held once a year, the TLPCA annual conference hosts top professionals from across the state and an in-depth day of education, networking and fun!
  • Ability for professional growth as a member or a student representative. TLPCA offers opportunities for your growth through volunteer opportunities, student representative opportunities and more! Please see our Graduate Student Representative section for more.
  • Discounted student rate and TLPCA member discounts at all TLPCA events. When you join TLPCA as a graduate student, you receive a discounted rate of membership. Also, members receive discounts to our lunch-and-learns and other member educational meetings.

TLPCA Graduate Student Representatives: What do they do and how do I become one?

TLPCA graduate student representatives hold a special place on the TLPCA board. As graduate student members, these student leaders are eligible to attend board meetings and act as leaders among the student populations of their universities. Graduate student representatives typically work behind the scenes at TLPCA events and work extensively with the annual TLPCA conference each year. Graduate representatives are nominated each school year and chosen based on exceptional academic standing and community involvement. Graduate representatives must be TLPCA members in good standing.

Graduate students FAQ:

  1. Once I graduate, I want to become a Licensed Professional Counselor. What will I need to do?

A: This is, by far, the most commonly asked question among counseling graduate students. Licensure is a serious concern, and is often a source of anxiety for up and coming graduates. Dr. Susan Hammonds-White has provided a detailed overview of licensure, which you can read here. Basically, you must first complete 60 graduate level classroom credit hours with an accredited university. Then you will take three exams: The National Counselor Exam (NCE), National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Exam (NCMHCE), and the Tennessee Jurisprudence Examination for Professional Counselors (TJEPC). Don’t worry! These exams are taken on your own time, and you will have plenty of time to prepare. You can also purchase study guides, such as Howard Rosenthal’s Encyclopedia of Counseling.

2. Is TLPCA affiliated with a particular Tennessee University?

A: No. Although the first two TLPCA annual conferences were held at Argosy University in Nashville, TN, the 2009 conference was held at Trevecca University in Nashville, TN. TLPCA will be holding each annual conference at different schools based on school availability and convenience to commuting professionals. Students from all Tennessee universities are welcome. Does your school offer a TLPCA group? If not, you might want to consider starting one at your school and becoming a student representative!

3. Is there a discounted student rate for TLPCA membership?

A: Yes. Graduate students receive a significant discount for membership. See the Member Section to find out more about membership rates.

4. Does TLPCA offer scholarships or discounts on events for students?

A: That is wonderful question. We hope to offer scholarships and other growth opportunities in the future. If you volunteer for events, you may be able to attend the event at a discounted or free rate depending on the event. These spots fill up very quickly, so plan ahead!