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Legislative Update: 2/4/2019

by | Feb 4, 2019

TLPCA Members –

There hasn’t been much going on at the Capitol following Session convening and the Inauguration with the very important exception of the election of legislative leaders and committee assignments.

Here are the legislative leaders for the 111th General Assembly:

Senate Leaders – Republicans: Randy McNally, Lt. Governor and Speaker of the Senate; Jack Johnson, Senate Majority Leader; and Ken Yager, Senate Majority Caucus Leader. Democratic: Jeff Yarbro Minority Leader and Ramesh Akbari Minority Caucus Leader.

House Leaders – Republicans: Glen Casada, House Speaker; William Lamberth House Majority Leader; Cameron Sexton- House Republican Caucus Chairman. Democratic: Karen Camper, House Minority Leader, and Mike Stewart, House Minority Caucus Leader.

The Senate did not meet this week, spending their time changing offices and the House convened a couple of days but did nothing in the way of business.

There was one bill of interest that has been reintroduced this Session. The bill creates an Advisory Committee for Art Therapists under the purview of the Board of Examiners in Psychology. Following bill analysis we will have a better idea of the impact of the legislation if passed.

The legislature will officially convene next week and is expected to continue to stay in session until the end of May.

Jenny Ford, Government Relations