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Updates to

LPC Licensure

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Update on

March 2, 2017

We have been informed by a licensing board official today that new applications are available and should be used as of 2/10/17. There were changes made, such as removing the notary requirement for several forms including the Verification of Supervised Post-Masters Experience and the Request for Temporary Licensure. They are requesting that the new forms be completed when applying for licensure. These changes were made to allow for more consistency across the professional application processes.

Rules for Clinical Settings and Supervision in effect since January 23, 2013.

Here is a link to the TN Code for LPCs.

Listed below are the changes from 2013:

  • Rule changes to the definition of Clinical Setting
  • Rule changes to Supervision Post-masters

The major changes in the rules include:

  1. Requirement that 50% of supervision hours be provided by an LPC or LPC/MHSP, depending on which license is being pursued.
  2. Supervisors must have training prior to supervising and adhere to supervision ethical standards.
  3. Definitions of individual and group supervision
  4. CEU requirement for supervisors (3 hours every 2 years pertaining to supervision)
  5. Changes to the definition of clinical setting
  6. Addition of a required multicultural course

For TLPCA members currently providing supervision and those planning to provide supervision in the future, please review the rule below:

Rule 0450-01-.10 Supervision (2) All supervisors providing supervision starting before January 31, 2013 for LPC or LPC/MHSP candidates will be approved to continue providing supervision to those individuals according to the requirements of the former Rule 0450-01-.10. Supervisors providing supervision starting on or after January 31, 2013 must comply with the above requirements. All supervisors shall comply with subparagraphs (1) (d) and (1) (f) regardless of the date they start providing supervision.