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Best Practices for Suicide Prevention


1 CE Hour

“Best Practices for Suicide Prevention”

Frankie Fachilla, PhD, LPC/MHSP



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Suicide prevention training is rarely built into the structure of counseling graduate programs, creating a major gap in our competency. This can lead to unnecessary hospitalization and/or feelings of counselor anxiety that make suicidal clients less likely to seek and sustain mental healthcare. This session will give you practical tools to help you conceptualize the primary three suicidal risk factors, distinguish chronic and acute suicide risk, and maintain strong rapport with your highest risk clients.


  • Participants will be able to utilize and explain the three primary drivers of suicide risk.
  • Participants will understand how to differentiate between acute and chronic suicidality and why this matters in assessment and treatment.
  • Participants will identify ways to manage their anxiety and communicate clearly with high risk clients to maintain connection and therapeutic rapport.

About the Speaker

Frankie Fachilla, PhD, LPC/MHSP

Speaker Bio

Frankie Fachilla, PhD, LPC-MHSP is a Clinical Education Specialist at the Centerstone Research Institute, where she provides suicide prevention training, supervision, and consultation to clinicians across three states. Additionally, she has 12 years of full time counseling experience working with high risk clients.

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If you any questions, please contact Robin Lee.

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If you any questions, please contact Robin Lee.