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Culture is Habit: Harnessing Teamwork & Institutional Resilience to Promote Safe Outcomes


1 CE Hour

“Culture is Habit: Harnessing Teamwork & Institutional Resilience to Promote Safe Outcomes”

Tiffany Lindsey

Culture lives in habit. Some say culture is “what we tolerate.” Other safety-critical industries, like healthcare, draw from the fields of ergonomics, engineering, psychology, and human factors to inform a “safety culture” within their agencies. In a safety culture, organizations and the professionals within them harness rhythm to team-based practice, value psychological safety– feeling accepted, respected, free to disclose a mistake,– and take strategic effort to institutionalize resilience rather promote individual self-care and heroic behaviors.

Workshop Objectives

  1. Understand the role of culture in providing care to clients and how mental health professionals can experience silo-ed cultural practices.
  2. Explain the relevance of psychological safety and the importance of institutional resilience (in contrast to expectations of individual resilience and self-care models).
  3. Identify and be able to utilize team-based strategies for safe, reliable, and effective client care.

About the Speaker

Tiffany Lindsey

Dr. Lindsey is a Clinical Instructor within the College of Public Health at the University of Kentucky. She is the Safe Systems Practitioner for the Center for Innovation in Population Health and, in that role, provides technical assistance to the first member-owned, national, quality improvement collaborative within public child welfare.

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