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How to Facilitate Group Empathy with Communologue: Online or In-Person


1 CE Hour

“How to Facilitate Group Empathy with Communologue: Online or In-Person”

Judy Herman


Online, anytime access to a pre-recorded webinar.

This webinar was recorded during our 2020 Virtual Counseling and Therapy Summit.

It can be challenging to provide connection for groups in transformational ways. Facilitating requires empathic techniques to create dynamics that bring awareness for each member. In addition, group participants are able to increase attunement to the group as a whole. Communologue provides validation. There will be no more concerns for verbose members to dominate and quiet members to hide. Instead deepen camaraderie. Based on a variation of the dialogue model, Communologue brings healing, understanding and connection.

Workshop Objectives

  1. List 4 problems our clients face, especially during the pandemic, that makes facilitating group empathy crucial.
  2. Define the term “Communologue.”
  3. Describe the process of Communologue
  4. Identify what “breathing in fresh A.I.R.” means as it relates to facilitating group empathy. 

About the Speaker

Judy Herman

Judy Herman, LPC-MHSP, NBCC is a Counselor, Speaker, and Author of “Beyond Messy Relationships.” An advocate for thriving relationships, Judy helps counselors create connection beyond conflict so they can serve with vibrant authenticity. Her private practice attracts entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators. The manages the “Vibrantly Authentic Therapist” Facebook group.

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