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Treatment Considerations and Ethical Concerns in Working with Transgender Persons


2 CE Hours

“Treatment Considerations and Ethical Concerns in Working with Transgender Persons”

Robert Ridley, LPC, MHSP and Robin Ridley, MBA


Online (pre-recorded webinar)

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It happens. What do we do about it? Why do Mental Health Professionals need to know?
Something has to change. Trans people have 25 times the suicide rate of the general population. 41% of trans people have attempted suicide. That rate increases for trans people who experience additional traumas to as high as 64% for victims of sexual assault.
This presentation addresses topics related to the Transgender experience including:

  • Defining terms and acronyms
  • Why trans identities emerge
  • Role of fetal hormones
  • The transition journey
  • Non-binary gender Identities
  • Gender Pronouns
  • Social, Moral, Ethical, Religious, Cultural Considerations
  • An Effective Gender Counselor and Transgender Counseling Ethics


Workshop Objectives

  1. Understand the processes related to transgender development
  2. Overcome personal and professional barriers to competently work with transgender persons in counseling
  3. Articulate applicable ethical issues and distinguish between professional and religious ethical codes

About the Speakers

Robert Ridley, LPC, MHSP

Robin Ridley, MBA

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