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Utilization Review: Basics for Counselors


1 CE Hour

“Utilization Review: Basics for Counselors”

Dan Hutcheson, M.Ed., LPC-MHSP
Utilization Review Specialist


Online (pre-recorded webinar)

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Utilization Review (UR) is a function of managed care in the healthcare industry. As the field of counseling continues to integrate into managed care settings, counselors with knowledge of utilization review are uniquely equipped to advocate for the care of their clients through documentation. This webinar will use a case vignette to understand conceptually how utilization review impacts client care and how documentation influences the potential course of treatment.

Workshop Objectives

1. Identify the purpose of Utilization Review in behavioral healthcare settings
2. Identify legal, ethical, and cultural implications of Utilization Review (Or, how to document to advocate for your clients)
3. Case Conceptualization – An inside look at how Utilization Review supports a client seeking managed care behavioral health treatment

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