Rules for

Clinical Settings

0450-01-.01 DEFINITIONS

11. Clinical setting – A place where the practice of professional counseling occurs. An appropriate setting for an applicant’s pre and post master’s professional experience must meet the following criteria:

(a) The place or practice shall be a public, private, or community agency/mental health setting and must have integrated programs for the delivery of clinical mental health counseling in accordance with these rules and defined by definition (29) for non-Mental Health Service Provider designation and definition (30) for the Mental Health Service Provider designation.

(b) The place or practice shall offer adequate physical resources, such as a private space that meets HIPAA requirements, necessary to allow for supervision and appropriate service delivery.

(c) The place or practice shall have at least one licensed mental health professional on site for a cumulative minimum of 20 hours per week whose assigned job duties include being available to the applicant for supervision and/or consultation while the applicant is engaging in the practice of counseling or counseling related services. In addition, the place or practice shall have a written emergency plan in place to include method(s) of contacting supervisor(s) or other consultant(s), alternative contacts when supervisor(s) is(are) unavailable, information regarding crisis services, and crisis decision-making. The licensed mental health professional can serve as the applicant’s supervisor if he or she meets the supervisor requirements pursuant to 0450-01-.10. If the licensed mental health professional on staff at the place or practice is unable or unwilling to serve as the applicant’s supervisor, the applicant must secure a supervisor who meets the supervisor requirements pursuant to 0450-01-.10.

(d) For an applicant pursuing post-master’s professional experience, the place or practice shall not be owned, or independently operated by the applicant. An applicant shall not seek a clinical setting or supervision that is in conflict with the multiple relationships addressed by the American Counseling Association’s Code of Ethics. Prior to choosing a clinical setting, if an applicant is uncertain, he or she shall seek advice about what is considered acceptable from the Board.

(e) In the case of pre-master’s professional experience, the place or practice shall have written provisions to provide supervision and training experience as defined by graduate counseling program expectations.

(f) The applicant shall be an employee of the place or practice, or shall be affiliated by agreement. All agreements shall include but not be limited to the following information: the name of the individual responsible for supervision, specific job duties/responsibilities, method for obtaining and scheduling clients, liability insurance information, payment arrangements, emergency plan, and facility and service logistics. Compensation for services provided by the applicant shall be paid directly to the place or practice unless the applicant has a temporary license, at which time the applicant may be paid on an agreed upon basis or may provide services on a pro bono basis.