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This event will have 4 parts and be held on 7/20 from 9am-5pm for $100. You can choose to come to any other the events individually or stay the whole day. Tickets are broken out by topics below:

900-1030a Career Planning for Clinical Graduates – During this section, we will walk upcoming and new graduates through the concerns of entering the career field in public and private mental health. We will cover information on clinical supervision, considerations toward licensure and career development, timelines of development and career goals.

1045-1215p Opening a Private Practice – During this section, we will explore the process and considerations that individuals need to consider in preparing to start and operate a private practice. We will be covering topics such as creating an LLC, location, documentation, clinical and legal concerns, and much more.

100-230p Financial Aspects of Private Practice – During this section, we will explore concerns around financial management of a small practice and the importance of maintaining financial records and taxes to ensure you are operating within the law and managing a viable practice.

245-415p Getting Credentialed with Insurance Companies – During this section, we will review the ins and outs of credentialing, contracting and working with insurance companies. This is a process and most think it will be simple but it can be very complicated.

None of these sections qualify for CE credit but are significant in career planning and development.

We have enough room for 15 participants for any one section. Preference will be given to those attending all 4 sections. If you have concerns, email me at

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