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We are now enrolling for a free training on Navigating the Counseling Technology Maze to be held on 8/16/19 at 1:00 – 4:15 pm in Nashville. Please follow the link for more information or to enroll: Seats are limited!

Selecting the right hardware and software for your practice should not be that hard. As practitioners our primary focus is always on the client. How do we balance that with sorting through a multitude of ads boasting the importance of SEO, website design, multiple complex features of different EHRs, and a variety of software designed to help us run our practices?

This course is geared toward clinicians in solo and small group private practices. The presenter will share lessons learned by researching and comparing different programs as well as participating in designing EHR software for therapists. She will review and compare some of the best software programs on the market to help practitioners in making well-informed selection for their practices. Presenter will use 7 criteria to compare EHR characteristics such as HIPAA compliance, platform, features, support/training, pricing, target customer, and ratings. Participants will learn to identify the features most critical to them and use those criteria to make an informed decision avoiding pitfalls.