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WHO: We are prospective and established counselors and mental health practitioners.

WHAT: We support each other by building positive and healthy peer relationships so that we can serve our clients from a place of vibrant authenticity.

HOW: Join by answering required questions. We’ll encourage each other and be better together.

WHY: We need each other even if we’re serving in a group practice or community mental health facility. This group is not designed to be a substitute for in-person groups. Instead, it’s a pre-curser to forming real face-to-face relationships. Our Chattanooga area therapists are establishing monthly peer group meetings. Wherever you are in the state of Tennessee or in your development (intern or established LPC), join us.


1. Be kind, thoughtful, and considerate
2. Be brave and comment. Please no private information you wouldn’t Facebook to know. And certainly no case consultations.
3. Ask permission before private messaging community members
4. Invite your therapist friends, therapist acquaintances, therapists co—workers, interns, etc.