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It’s been an unusual spring here in Tennessee. We’ve had torrential rain, freezing temperatures, big winds, hail and tornadoes interspersed with days so clear and bright that it makes your eyes hurt.

On the stormy days it feels a little like the Virus, unpredictable and deadly, but not impacting everybody. On the good days it feels as if Nature is apologizing and giving us a present.

Another gift this stay-at-home time has offered us is more opportunity to slow down enough to notice the weather, or the way the trees move in the wind, or the immense beauty of an Iris bloom.

Paying attention to what is right here, right now, is one of the great ways to get through this time of uncertainty. When you focus on what you’re seeing right in front of you, you can forget your worries or exhaustion or anger for just a little bit.

And bit by bit is the way to get through almost everything, even this.