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When it comes to gender issues, including members of the GLBTQ+ community, there are numerous questions.

What is professional competence, when it comes to providing clinical services to clients whose needs include sensitive gender issues? Who are GLBTQ+ clients? What do these letters mean? Why are they important? What does it mean to be “an ally, safe space, affirming,” or other? Can you describe ethical practices in treating members of the GLBTQ+ community? How does your gender identify affect your clinical judgment? If you need help with your clinical skills when it comes to gender issues, with whom may you consult? How do state laws influence your clinical decision making? If your GLBTQ+ client is a minor, what should you know about providing treatment? What may be clinically appropriate to share with your client’s parents, when your client struggles with gender identity? If your client is an older adult who is reckoning with her/his sexual orientation, what should you know about providing treatment? What happens in families with a transgendered person? Are there current trends in clinical work with members of the GLBTQ+ community? If I’m just beginning my work with these clients, what should I know or avoid?

Clearly, questions come more easily than answers. This training will provide answers to many of the daunting questions we have encountered when working with members of the GLBTQ+ community.

Training Schedule:

Date: June 25, 2021

Morning Session: 9:00 to Noon, Central Time

Afternoon Session: 1:00 to 4:00, Central Time

The training provides six (6) accredited Continuing Education hours. Following the training, a certificate will be sent to you through email.

The entire training will be delivered through Zoom. No travel needed.

The fee for the day is fifty dollars ($50.00).

Use the below link to register:

This registration link relates to only the event on June 25.

If we may answer any questions, just let us know. Please forward any questions to Francis Martin at or 616-585-4384 OR Emily Hawkins at or 615-707-2743.