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* Collaborate with multidisciplinary team members in the development/review of individualized behavioral/mental health
treatment plans and in the monitoring and treatment of patients as indicated on the treatment plans

*Complete behavioral/mental health assessments for patients referred based on admission process, staff referral or
patient self-referral. Ensure that assessment is completed within time period required by the type and urgency of

*Provide regular follow-up to assigned patients to monitor current mental status and functioning
*Inform supervisor and psychiatric staff of significant change in a patient’s functioning
*Provide crisis interventions as required to include precautionary measures, daily follow-up and emergency procedures
as needed
*Conduct individual and group counseling, and psychoeducational groups for patients
*Assist patients in defining goals to achieve personal, social, educational and/or vocational development
*Observe patients to detect psychiatric symptoms, mental deficiency, abnormal behavior, or maladjustment  Update and maintain accurate and legible patient information and records in accordance with policy
*Provide clinical supervisory oversight for non-psychiatric behavioral/mental health staff as requested
*Identify and maintain professional boundaries to preserve the integrity of the therapeutic process and relationship
* Proactive in performance improvement activities as demonstrated by participating in the Continuous Quality
Improvement (CQI) program (peer review; record reviews; membership on the CQI committee as requested) and
modifying clinical practices based on CQI recommendations  Acquire and maintain current clinical knowledge and skills and professional standards
* Ensure compliance with all agency and Company policies, Federal and State laws, regulations, and guidelines including HIPAA  Maintain an ethical commitment to ensure confidentiality within the limits of the clinical setting
* Deliver care in a nonjudgmental/nondiscriminatory manner to protect the autonomy, dignity and rights of the patient  This position is classified as “essential.” Essential employees are expected to report to work when other state agencies are closed for emergencies
*Other duties as assigned

Full Time

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