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I want to bring some awareness to the subject of recoupment by MCO’s. I an currently being asked to pay back a few thousand dollars. My understanding is that an MCO was audited and found 39 claims that were paid in error. Now, we are all human and make mistakes, but 39 times without someone catching the error, c’mon? The problem is that it was not an error. The audit declared that the CPT code that was billed was incorrectly. At the time of filing it was not incorrect according to the MCO. Fast forward 5 years and I am now being asked to pay the money back. My contention is that there needs to be a statute of limitations on recoupment. With this particulary MCO, I have only 4 months to file a claim. However, there is no statute on recoupment whether it be 1 year or 40 years. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing a similar problem. I support enacting legislation that would place a statute of limitations of 6 months from the time of payment on recoupment by any MCO. Think about it … all the money you have ever earned from an MCO is never really yours if they decide to take it back without such a law in place. This problem obviously transcends just the counseling profession. I have spoken with an attorney who suffered a similar fate on a personal injury case. They distributed funds to the client, and then insurance recouped the money at a much later date. Quite simply, we need a law in place that let’s us know if/when the money we receive is actually ours. I could see there being significant support across all health fields that work under contract with MCO’s.