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Duties & Responsibilities/Principal Activities:
•Provide individual or family outpatient therapy as determined by family and identified need.
•Provide therapeutic care coordination services.
•Complete Strengths-Based Assessments and Individual Service Plan with the family and child/youth.
•Document assessments, intakes, treatment plans as per policy in agency EHR.
•Provide Community-Based Comprehensive Child and Family Treatment (CCFT) Services as needed.
•Provide a minimum of 4 parenting assessments/month.
•Carry of caseload of 40-44 students on average.
•Collaborate as needed with other resources within TNV and community.
•Complete transition and discharge plan and summary.
•Provide necessary treatment summaries and documentation as requested.

Skills & Knowledge Required:
•Knowledge of the developmental, mental, emotional, relational, and social needs of children.
•Knowledge of and experience working with children who have mental health and/or behavioralchallenges.
•Knowledge and experience with child and adolescent development, including trauma informed care,child-serving systems.
•Experience in developing strength-based treatment and/or behavior plans and in skill building withfamilies.
•Proven commitment to system of care principles and to working effectively as a part of a team.
•Excellent organizational, written, communication and problem-solving/creative thinking skills.

Full Time

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