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*The Counseling Supervisor will provide clinical supervision to other counselors which include both clinical consultation and administrative tasks.
*May provide training and/or consultation to other staff or volunteers when needed. The Counseling Supervisor will also provide therapeutic services to clients who are referred or self-identified as in need of therapy services. The Counseling Supervisor will utilize a brief, solution focused model to (1) assist individuals and families(including children) with mental health problems identify their needs, strengths and risk factors, and begin to develop a clearer understanding of the nature of their problems and beginning steps to address them, (2) assist individuals and families(including children) develop a mutual treatment plan and agree to a plan of action focusing on such issues as safety and self-care, family stabilization, life transition adjustment, breaking down problems into manageable parts, obtaining medication or psychiatric assessment as needed, grieving past or current losses, and improving communication and other relationship skills, (3) assist individuals or families (including children) make positive changes as they work toward the outcome of improved management or resolution of their mental health problems and (4) assist individuals or families (including children) in meeting performance targets as detailed in their respective treatment plans.

Counselor Duties and Responsibilities
• Provide brief, solution focused counseling to program participants.
• Refer clients, when appropriate, to licensed drug and alcohol treatment centers, domestic violence shelters, and other community
treatment centers, or long-term therapeutic service agencies as needed.
• Employ a strengths based and participant goal oriented approach in their work to facilitate participant self-empowerment and sufficiency.
• Develop and modify treatment plans, as needed, to address the needs of the client.
• Make accurate assessments and develop and implement effective treatment plans.
• Evaluate treatment progress and outcomes with the client during and at the end of treatment.
• Provide ongoing educational/supportive groups as needed.
• Coordinate and conduct presentations for orientations as needed.
• Provide in-home therapeutic or supportive services as needed.
• Facilitate/Co-facilitate therapeutic groups as needed.
• Establish and maintain an effective treatment relationship.
• Participate in agency staff meetings.
• Regular attendance during office hours and reliable transportation required.

Supervisory Duties and Responsibilities
• Complete HR functions of role: participate in the recruitment and interviewing process; make recommendations regarding hiring, discipline, and termination. Conduct and administer discipline and employee performance reviews; provide employee with coaching and support.
every new program employee to agency, position, and program according to agency policy and document appropriately.
• Provide individual and/or group supervision for assigned program staff; maintain records of all individual and group supervision/meetings.
• Provide clinical consultation to assigned program staff as well as with other team members when needed and appropriate.
• Stay abreast of contents of employee handbook to assure employee adherence to the manual or to provide guidance as necessary to staff as it relates to topics covered in the manual.
• Provide oversight for intern supervision, training and assignments.
• Establish and maintain collaborative relationships with other community providers, both on the counselor and/or administrative level.
• Model and promote healthy interpersonal relationships with and among team members; manage conflict as it arises.
• Recognize and demonstrates positive team building behaviors that promote a healthy and productive work environment.
• Demonstrate collaborative decision making within the team and provide peer support.

Requirements: This position requires a Master’s Degree in Social Work, Counseling or related field, with 2-3 years of experience working with families and children preferred; 1-2 years of supervisory experience preferred. Licensed or license eligible preferred.

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