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Trailhead Treatment Center in Knoxville Tennessee specializes in men’s mental health. We are looking to add to our growing team of talented, empathetic therapists. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality therapy services for men using a variety of modalities.
We are specifically looking for an individual therapist who is passionate about one-on-one counseling for men.

Our therapy practice is made up of a tight-knit core group of therapists who collaborate and support each other’s professional goals. We accept all orientations and faith traditions, and we are most interested in someone with a love for inclusivity and allyship who can translate that into their therapy practice.

Applicant must have a state license to practice therapy (LPC, LCSW, LMFT, Ph.D or equivalent) or be a pre-licensed therapist with at least one year of post-graduate experience.

Ability to conduct between 20 to 25 therapy visits per week where some evening appointments are to be expected.

Enthusiasm for working specifically with challenges faced by men including depression, compulsive pornography use, PTSD, trauma, self-esteem issues, and sexual orientation work.

A commitment to using Internal Family Systems (IFS) or other parts-oriented work in their treatment of trauma (basic training and consultation provided).

If no prior IFS training, be available to complete three hours of weekly online Internal Family Systems (IFS) training for the first three months of working at Trailhead, as part of the onboarding process. (Training provided by Trailhead).

Demonstrate specialized training in a specific modality or have a plan and schedule to obtain specialized training or certification in:
Internal Family Systems
Acceptance and Integration Training
Emotionally Focused Therapy
The Gottman Method

Trailhead provides cozy, modern office space, professional digital and print marketing, use of shared workplace resources like printers etc.

All billing and scheduling is centrally managed

Graduated, competitive percentages – the more clients you see the more of your fee you keep. We believe in hiring talented therapists and rewarding them for exceptional work

Being part of a growing practice with a high volume of referrals

Weekly collaboration opportunities with colleagues

At Trailhead Treatment Center, LLC, we specialize in treating men’s mental health issues. This often includes addressing complex trauma, addiction issues, issues related to gay and other sexual minority men, anxiety, depression, and the symptoms “covert male depression,” which often includes sexual addictions and compulsions, substance abuse, emotional numbness, rage, perfectionism, self-criticism, and some narcissistic traits.

As a treatment center, we do not discriminate based on race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, or gender expression/identity. All candidates should be fully affirming of the LGBT+ community.

Sexual compulsion is the primary complaint of many referred clients we receive at this time, with frequent comorbidity of ADHD and narcissistic behavioral patterns. Any clinician interested in working at Trailhead must have previous experience working with sexual addictions and compulsions or be open to learning about these specific conditions.

We are open to and welcome other clinicians’ specialties and interests under the umbrella of men’s issues. For instance, some of our clinicians focus specifically on young men while others focus on working with gay men. But understand that, due to our current referral funnel, you will most likely be receiving a large number of clients self-reporting struggles with sexual compulsivity.

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Trailhead Treatment Center, LLC

Specializing in men’s mental health.