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The Refuge Center for Counseling in Franklin Tennessee currently has several open slots for Post-Masters Volunteer therapists. Please see attached flyer for more information!

We are currently taking applications from interested students. The program provides an opportunity for clinical hours with free furnished office space in a very supportive culture with other clinicians. We are also able to help our PMVF therapists with the costs of individual clinical supervision (up to $40 per one hr supervision session) as well as free clinical group supervision provided by our certified supervisors. Most of our PMVF therapists are here 8-12 hours/week, and the program works well for those who have other time commitments. For those who can be here more hours per week, that is a possibility as well.

We ask interested applicants to complete and forward our pre-interview questionnaire to along with their resume. Pike will be back in touch with them promptly. The questionnaire and more information about the Refuge Center for Counseling may be found at our website, link below.