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My name is Paige Hudson ( and I am a licensed professional counselor completing my doctoral degree in Counselor Education and Supervision. As a part of my degree completion, my dissertation study is in need of participants to complete a 10-15 minute online survey. I am reaching out to you in hopes of gaining your assistance with collecting participants for a quantitative study entitled: Examining the Relationship Between Type of Supervision Utilized and the Strength of the Supervisory Working Alliance in Pre-licensed Supervisees.

Survey Link:

The study has been approved by the Regent University Human Subjects Review Committee and is sponsored by Dr. Jim Sells, Ph.D. (Dissertation Chair). I am recruiting pre-licensed clinicians (counselors, marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, or psychologists) currently receiving supervision virtually or in person to complete the survey below. I placed information about the study and a link to the study’s survey within this email. Please feel free to share this study recruitment to any individual or group you believe may meet the criteria to participate, I greatly appreciate your time.

Purpose: The purpose of this quantitative research study is to understand supervisee satisfaction of the supervisory relationship when supervision is completed utilizing different modalities.

Outcome: The intended outcome is to better understand the effect of differing supervision modalities on the supervisory relationship with pre-licensed clinicians. It is hoped that deepening the understanding of the relationship between these variables will provide insight into needed changes to ensure supervisee success as new and different modalities of supervision are emerging.

Participant Criteria: In order to qualify as a participant in this study one must be at least 18 years old, work in a counseling role (counseling psychologist, clinical social worker, professional counselor, or marriage and family therapist), utilizing in person OR virtual supervision, and have been working with their current (or most recent) supervisor a minimum of three (3) months. One must have obtained their license in the last year or in a post graduate role under supervision working towards licensure.

There is no financial cost or reward to participation in the study. The overall risk of participating is minimal as no identifying information will be collected that will link back to a participant. Psychological distress may be present in considering clinical work and attachment style, but is expected to be minimal for this study.