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It is not too late to attend the training From Shut Down to Synergized: New Somatic Techniques for Use with Clients What to do with the Shut-Down Client?

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Earn 3 hours of continuing education.

When: Tuesday, March 21, 2023 – 4:30 to 7:30 pm

Where: Miller Room, Miller Education Center, 503 East Bell Street, Murfreesboro, TN 37129 – For directions, visit

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Clients that show up but are not “really there.” Sessions in which at the end, you’re not sure if you’ve even gotten anywhere. Clients who don’t “let you in.” Clients who evade and avoid “deeper work.” Clients who seem apathetic and cannot be roused into action. Knowledge and Skills together are a combo that cannot be beat! In this unique and informative workshop, Mara and Shannon will share information on the Polyvagal state of “Dorsal Vagal,” or the “Shut Down” state, how to recognize it in a client, what to do to bring them into a calm and connected state, and how to titrate this in a way that feels safe to a client. Our techniques are tried and tested at clinical settings such as Onsite Workshops and Integrative Life Centers, and do not fail to get results! When clients’ nervous systems get a taste of a Ventral Vagal, or “Calm and Connected” state, we have primed the pathway necessary for social and emotional wellbeing. Clients get a sense of safety in their bodies, and in the relationship with the clinician who is standing in for the secure attachment figure clients may not have had. This results in endless possibilities for the client that were not previously present.


Session Objectives:

1. Clinicians will learn to distinguish the signs and symptoms of 5 nervous system states in clients.
2. Clinicians will be able to identify the signs of “shut down” or “dorsal vagal state” in clients.
3. Clinicians will bring awareness to nervous system shut down and how somatic techniques apply in the moment.
4. Clinicians will learn 3 somatic techniques to bring a client from “shut down” to “calm readiness” in interactive role play.
5. Clinicians will integrate this information and process how they will begin to use these strategies with a specific client.



Shannon Black, LPC-MHSP-S
Shannon taught for many years at MTSU in the undergraduate psychology program and graduate counseling program, specializing in ethics and theory. Shannon owns a clinical practice and works with clients primarily in the areas of issues in relationship, attachment, addictions, memory reconsolidation, trauma, and also enjoys providing trainings and workshops that facilitate better therapist wellness and ensure the ethical treatment of clients.

Mara Giovanni, MSW, Martial Arts 3rd Dan
After graduating from Columbia with a degree in Social Work, Mara spent years creating imaginative therapeutic groups around topics such as boundaries, safety, recovery, grief, meditation and also curated unique content and techniques that are enlivened by her 40 years in martial arts, which gives her a unique skill in somatic empowerment. She has run groups in public schools and meditation centers, and is the creator of the somatic exercises in Kali Connection Therapy, which she has used for the past few years she at Onsite Workshops and Integrative Life Center, witnessing its power to regulate, heal, and connect clients with their bodies and each other.

Continuing Education:
Participants will earn three (3) clock hours of continuing education.
The MTSU Professional Counseling Program is a National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP No. 4216), which allows all events to be approved to earn continuing education credits designed to meet requirements for professional licensure and/or certifications. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. As an ACEP, the MTSU Professional Counseling Program is solely responsible for programming, including the awarding of NBCC credit.
For questions, please contact Dr. Robin Lee at or by phone at 615-542-9330.