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Doors of Hope is looking for a part time mental health counselor (LPC/MHSP, LPC/MHSP temp, pre-licensed, post graduation professional counselor with a supervisor) for Wednesday-Friday. This individual will be working with the program clients and the treatment center. The counselor will be working with individuals who have co-occurring disorders of substance abuse and mental health. The program is a women focused group where the clients are focusing on recovering from substance abuse and healing from trauma. We are looking for an individual who is team oriented and informed in trauma and substance use/recovery. The counselor will provide individual counseling services as well as facilitate groups for the program clients and treatment center clients. The counselor will participate in weekly team meetings to discuss the clients welfare for well rounded care of the clients.

Part Time

Doors of Hope

Empowering women to break the cycle of addiction, incarceration, and homelessness through a recovery/reentry treatment program.