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I hope this finds you, yours, and your community well. We are thrilled to share our recent successes in achieving CACREP accreditation at Tennessee Tech through March 31, 2032. A standout accomplishment is the accreditation of our Counseling and Supervision Ph.D. program, reaffirming our commitment to maintaining exceptional standards in doctoral education.

The Ph.D. program is structured with a minimum of 48 credit hours of advanced coursework including a 100-hour clinical practicum, a 600-hour internship, and dissertation research. It allows students to become integral members of a program that not only meets CACREP standards but also provides a platform for making meaningful contributions to the counseling field.

Operating as an annual fall admission cohort, the program strongly emphasizes Rural Mental Health. It is designed to prepare and enhance students’ skill development and critical thinking capacity, shaping them into clinicians, supervisors, educators, advocates, scholars, leaders, and program evaluators within the counseling profession.

Our dedicated faculty ensures a dynamic and collaborative learning environment, guiding students to actualize their potential through an infusion of scholarship and real-world problem-solving. In meeting this goal, the program significantly impacts our region by addressing mental health and addiction treatment needs in the community.

The Ph.D. program presents an opportunity for your students to continue to grow as clinicians and scholars. Please do not hesitate to contact our Ph.D. program director (Dr. Tony Michael) for additional details or with questions at

TTU is excited about the potential of collaborating with your program and collectively advancing the field of counseling. Please note we are still accepting admissions for our next Fall 2024 cohort with opportunities for graduate assistantships and other funding opportunities.

Warm regards!