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adults (ages 18+) who experience shyness and anxiety in social settings, engage in obsessive thinking, anticipatory distress or safety behaviors when thinking about future or prior social encounters, that effects your quality of life and relationships.

Wednesdays starting on June 5th

at 6pm PM

Ends on Wednesday, August 7th

Hybrid, Closed group

Each session lasts 60-75 minutes

and is for 10 consecutive weeks (commitment for all 10 weeks)

$20 per session, charged weekly

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***This group is for any individuals experiencing shyness and/or anxiety in social settings, and is looking for additional support on their personal journey.

***We will use therapeutic exposure and response prevention (ERP) work alongside research-informed writing exercises and other expressive arts to facilitate openness and space for healing.

***This group will also include psychoeducation on how perceived threats, negative thinking, ruminating and safety behaviors, affect our brains, bodies and relationships, as well as experiential exercises to help clients experience grounding, self-holding/soothing and regulation with exposure or triggering experiences.