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The Clinical Supervisor/Therapist is responsible for assisting the Program Director with supervision of the clinical team (Addiction Counselors, Group Facilitators, Client Advisors, ect.), monitor all client files, creating and designing program curriculum, and clinical training of staff. Clinical Supervisors may assist the clinical team with coordinating treatment and discharge planning as well as crisis management as needed. The Clinical Supervisor will act as Program Director in the Program Director’s absence.


Assists Program Director in the provision of services to clients.
Responsible for hiring/staffing clinical team members as needed for Greeneville location, including managing local practicum/internship program, according to DC policies/procedures, state/local regulations, and student/school affiliation requirements.
Provides supervision to clinical team and signs off on clinical Intern/ Trainee hours as needed for State/Federal/Private licensing.
Monitors the needs and behaviors of clients via therapist supervision.
Continues to learn about alcohol and/or drug abuse and alcoholism and the principles of recovery.
Assists with planning of activities, therapeutic support groups, outings and community meetings as assigned.
Recognizes early signs of illness and the need for professional assistance and follow through and reports this to the Program Director.
Responds to emergencies and initiates action as required.
Discusses significant events involving client’s activities with the treatment team.
Follows HIPAA Regulations.
Assist Program Director with staff issues as needed.
Participates in the development of Quality Improvement projects.
Attends and participates in staff meetings and trainings.
Works with Administrative support team and Director to stream line processes and operate with a continuous improvement mindset.
Other duties as assigned.

Knowledge: The Clinical Supervisor will:

Possess experience with education of chemical and alcohol dependency and abuse.
Possess the ability to communicate and work effectively with people from various backgrounds.
Possess experience providing group, individual and family therapy.
Abilities: To excel in this position the Clinical Supervisor should be able to demonstrate the following competencies:

Problem Solving – The Clinical Supervisor will be able to identify and resolve problems in efficient and effective ways.
Ethics – Treat clients, staff, co-workers, visitors, contractors, and guests of DePriest Center with respect and dignity; work ethically and uphold the mission, vision and values of the DePriest Center.
Attendance, Punctuality, Reliability – Arrive on-site, on-time, as scheduled, consistently with a professional disposition. Ensure all work responsibilities are covered in the event of an absence or scheduled vacation.
Leadership – The Clinical Supervisor should be able to lead and direct all staff members, and communicate effectively to the Executive Team.
Strong Character – Staying calm under pressure is essential. Having an approachable demeanor without compromising DePriest Centers Standards of ethics and workmanship.
Organization – Must be highly organized and efficient in managing the necessary daily client/staff demands and tasks associated with them.
Flexibility – Openness to different and new ways of doing things; willingness to modify one’s preferred way of doing things.

Masters Level education in psychology or a related field.
LMFT, LPC-MHSP, LCSW or equivalent with supervision qualification.
Experience with education of chemical and alcohol dependency and abuse;
Ability to communicate and work effectively with people from various backgrounds.
Commitment to the philosophy of recovery and continuity of the program and of consideration and respect for clients.
Current CPR and First Aid Certification
Current T.B. test.

Full Time

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