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Hello, I’m a doctoral student at Vanderbilt University and a former crisis counselor who is planning an experiment to compare group psychotherapy for intimate partner violence (IPV) using creative arts in comparison to group psychotherapy which does not use creative arts. I am working under supervision of two professors in the Human Development Counseling program at Vanderbilt University.

I would like to run four 8-week psychotherapy groups in spring 2020 at the Family Safety Center (two using art and two not using art). To that end, I am seeking counselors with experience running groups for intimate partner violence survivors and who are knowledgeable about the latest evidence-based curriculums for IPV groups.

In this paid contract position, each counselor would make some suggestions for recruitment, screen potential clients, assist with selecting an evidence-based curriculum, run the groups using the selected curriculum, keep appropriate documentation of sessions, and work with an assigned graduate counseling student apprentice. For more information on the study, please contact me at


Julie Sriken, MA
Doctoral Student in Community Research & Action
Department of Human & Organizational Development
Vanderbilt University